Fundraising Goals

The money raised by School Council's fundraising programs will go directly towards various Sunningdale initiatives and school improvement plans including:

DPA (Daily Physical Activity)

Fundraising Goal = $2000

DPA is one of the Ministry of Education’s commitments to providing children and youth with access and opportunity to 60 minutes of physical activity connected to their school day. To enhance their well-being and achievement, all students should strive to achieve high levels of physical activity and limit sedentary behaviour every day. To support them in reaching this goal, teachers will build movement opportunities into instructional time and each class will be provided with a bin of DPA equipment to use during some of this time. The funds raised will go towards buying some of this DPA equipment.

STEAM Parent and Kid Night

Fundraising Goal = $2000

One of Sunningdale's goals is to provide hands-on learning opportunities for students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) that will engage students and develop their problem-solving skills. Funds raised will go towards a Family STEAM Night event where parents and students can learn about and participate in STEAM activities together.

New iPads

Fundraising Goal = $12,000

Sunningdale's 21st century learners are provided innovative and creative opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge of media literacy and explore available modern in-school technologies. The school offers students Dot and Dash, Bloxel, and Green Screen programs, all of which require iPads. Sunningdale currently has one set of iPads that can be signed out to use with these tools. School Council's annual Dance-a-thon will raise funds towards acquiring an additional set of 20 new iPads and cases to be shared in the classrooms.

Multicultural Night

Fundraising Goal = $300

Funds raised will support Sunningdale's annual family event where parents and staff showcase the cuisine and traditions of Sunningdale's multicultural community.